A Ray of Hope in Beaverton

" The Sunshine Pantry is an extension of my home. Everyone needs to feel they're not going through trials and tribulations alone."
Sharon Straus, Sunshine Pantry



About Sunshine Pantry

"That a person would take her time and do what she does is amazing. She's as giving a person as I've ever met. She's been a godsend to us. We send people her way and she's there for them."

Dave Bishop, Beaverton Police Chief

Our family-run food bank is located in Beaverton, Oregon. Sunshine Pantry has gathered, collected, and purchased food and amenities to distribute to families in need in the community. We currently supply food, toiletries, and clothing to 500+ families a month.

Our Mission

The Sunshine Pantry is here to help those in need make it through horrible times. The most important thing to us is that "no child should go to bed hungry."

Founder and Director

Sharon Straus


Sunshine Pantry began as a Cub Scout canned food drive project for Sharon's oldest son. Sharon ended up in charge of the project and stored the canned goods in her garage until there was enough supplies to donate to 6 needy Washington County families at Christmas. The canned food in her garage reminded Sharon that hunger is a real problem for families in the community every day, not only at Christmas. She wanted to help.

So began more than 25 years of helping supply struggling families with food, clothing, household supplies - and just as importantly  -  that little extra affection and support people need during challenging times. For 24 years Sunshine Pantry helped feed literally thousands of people from the family garage in Sharon's home. In 2008, Sunshine Pantry expanded it's operations and moved from Sharon's garage to a small, secured warehouse in Beaverton, Oregon.

Where We Get Our Food

Sharon gets most of her food from daily trips to local stores that donate excess goods and Fork It Over (Metro's food donation program). She also spends her own money and welcomes donations from the community.

Who We Help

Children, the unemployed, the working poor, single moms, seniors on fixed incomes, as well as community institutions all are helped by Sunshine Pantry.  We welcome everyone with a smile and don't turn anyone away. There's no documentation required or other barriers and everyone is treated with respect and kindness. We serve a wide variety of ethnic groups, religions and age groups and try to provide food, clothing and household items people with diverse backgrounds can use and enjoy.


Service to Beaverton Award, 2008
Governor's Volunteer Award for Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer Achievement, 2009
KATU Hero Award, 2009
SOLV Citizenship Award, 2009
Red Dress Society Award, 2011